Remote Orthodontic Data Analyser
Ortho-net Kun

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Java beta version only

(in Japanese)


Welcome to our home page. This home page is a demo version of our remote orthodontic data analyser. If you are running Windows 95/NT or X window, you must use Netscape Navigator Ver.2.0. or over. If you are running MAC OS, you must use Netscape Navigator Ver.3.0. or over.

Orthodontic Remote Data Analyser (Ortho-net kun)

(1) Cephalo analyser (Mouse click) [Demo Version]

(2) Cephalo analyser (Key input) [Original version]

(3) Cephalo superimposition analyser (Mouse click) [Demo Version]

(4) Model analyser (Key input) [Original version]

(5) Simple lateral profile analyser [Demo Version]

(6) Orthodontic data base [Demo Version]

(7) Orthodontic case report [in Japanese]

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